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Category: Commissioned
Year: 2021

Illustration for Mimobar's new place.


The scenography is a common point in both the history of Mimo and the former Espaço Cena. Therefore, the first layer of illustration are scenographic elements. Stranded or supported, they shelter the narrative of the scenes.

The bucolic street of Casa MimoBar is also the backyard, the porch of the house. Pull up a chair outside and sit down to talk!



To create the facade of Casa MimoBar, the palimpsest concept guided the process. It is a metaphor for the relationship between memory, history and an intervention that takes place in a space. Past and present accumulate in layers and overlap. Throughout the history of Mimobar, memories ​​have been accumulating and overlapping, as in the palimpsest, in which the narratives shared with a community built the collective memory of the place.

The bucolic aspect also sets the tone of the illustration. The external and internal areas merge. The constant presence of nature and the seasonality of the Cerrado is present: the bodies of water, the cashew season, the long-awaited rainy season, the horizon.


Photos: Gabriel Robin
Illustration: Arielle Martins
Wall Painting: Vic Ferreira

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