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Category: Editorial
Year: 2023

Harper's Bazaar Spain invited me to create a dream cover for the March issue of the magazine!
The proposal is to celebrate the collaboration between art and fashion. This is “La Sirena”! 🐠


How to think about fashion without thinking about bodies? The figure of the mermaid approaches the fantastic in a way free of conclusions, feeding an imaginary that is always unfinished and full of beliefs and new images. Mermaid legends feed oral memory, folklore and revive images of the feminine.

The image of the mermaid brings an idea of an unreachable body as well as awakens the reinvention of oneself.
The universe that creates the mermaid goes beyond medicine and technology and allows imagination and self-perception.

The mermaid refuses to insert herself into the human figure. They disturb the order, activating new ways of existing in a unique space of the collective imagination.

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