Vila Buriti

Category: Personal/ Commissioned
Year: 2021

All texts by
Sávio Drew

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Vila Buriti is a tribute to small towns that resist with a lot of grace, sweat and strength and our research is based mainly on the city of Pedro II - Piauí. We seek to portray the configuration of these cities, passing through greengrocers, bars, architecture, and colors. We also put together true stories of two grandmothers that we honor in this work, Mrs. Raimunda and Mrs. Gracinha.Buriti village is our way of saying that Brazil off the tourist route is beautiful and necessary and today more than ever we have to understand that the sertão is everywhere in Brazil and that the impossible Brazil is beautiful and deserves more. 

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If you want to find the center of any small town in the interior, just look for the church.It is in the church square that almost all revelry takes place and without a doubt the biggest of them are the festivities that takes 9 nights of mass and lots of parties.It is also in the church square that the children stop right after dinner to play free of any danger or threat.And what about the couples in love who meet every night on the bench under the huge foot of Buriti in front of the church?

Here, the fair takes place every Saturday morning, but you have to wake up early if you want to guarantee the best flour and the best fruit. And if you are looking for good, beautiful, and cheap fruit, you have to visit the village stall because, in addition to the sweet fruits, they sell the best buriti sweets that this village has ever eaten.

Do you know the embroidered wonders found in northeast Brazil? Unfortunately, craft activities such as embroidery are increasingly difficult to find or look for due to the lack of investment from the state/government and even from us Brazilians.
It is necessary to give more value to the national handmade and use them with the pride it deserves.
Here in the village of Buriti, there is not a single person who does not have something embroidered, from José who lives at the end of the street from the church to little Maria Clara who at the age of 10 already shows a lot of talent as an embroiderer, her grandmother's craft. which is now being passed to her.

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Raimunda Maria da Conceição, 85 years old, lives in this house. Raimunda worked in this house for a landowner in the region, the previous owner of the house, for about 30 years without receiving any salary or financial assistance.This is a harsh reality in a Brazil that still bears some characteristics of cruel feudalism.Dona Raimunda after so much work and dedication was invited to leave the land without any prior notice. She and her 12 children went to other lands in search of a new home and in the neighboring lands she found a new lord and settled there with his family and started all over again.Today this house is officially hers, the house where she served for 30 years.Life took many turns and this woman forged in the sun and the freshness of cajuína from Piauí turned the system around and is present in an impossible Brazil full of colors, flavors, and a lot of northeastern resistance.

Mrs. Gracinha says that in this house everything happened: her daughters used to play on the sidewalk at night by lamplight and the hammocks were sold over the roots of a huge tamburi tree that existed in front of the house.And what about the old chair always there waiting for that late-afternoon rest?Dona gracinha has a lot of history about this house and this place that will always be in her memory, lulled by the sound of the old record player that wasn't as beautiful as the sound of the sabiá laranjeira.

Everyone in Vila Buriti already knows that the best Cajuina in the region can only be found at Dona Maria's bar, of course there's also a good homemade drink that she makes herself. So much forró has already happened in this bar that she has lost count of how many times the sun has risen to the sound of Luiz Gonzaga.